Kolkonlahti Summer Café

Kolkonlahti Summer Café is in Rantasalmi at Kolkonpää lay-by area on main road 14 between Juva and Savonlinna. Summer Café has been serving travellers, holiday visitors and local people already from 1979. Summer Café offers refreshing coffee or lunch breaks overlooking a beautiful lake scene. The menu has home baked pastries and cakes, ice-cream, or you can taste a local delicacy ‘lörtsy’( a savory filled pie), plus hamburgers and other grilled foods. We are licensed to sell alcoholic drinks. There is also a mini flea market, plus French antique dishes, local handicraft, various kinds of gift items and souvenirs for sale.

Café is open every day from June to August from morning to evening.

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Ulkoasu © Ida Vänttinen