Container Dance

Container Dance is an entertaining event organized every summer on the first Saturday in August at Kolkonlahti Summer Café overlooking the breathtaking view over lake Kolkonjärvi.  A lorry container is used as the stage (hence the name). The first dance event was already in 1996.

At the Container Dance there is music to every taste , traditionally we start with old dance music and later on in the evening more lively rock and pop groups take the stage. Refreshments at the buffet include hot and cold drinks, pancakes, barbeque sausages, lörtsy pies, and other goodies.

On the first Saturday in August  there is a lively market fair happening called ‘Lipposmarkkinat’ in Rantasalmi village. The fair derives its name from a roguish fictive character Pekka Lipponen, well known to most Finns. Lipposmarkkinnat is a traditional village fair with a lot of goings on.

Welcome to enjoy a summer weekend at the Container Dance!

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The Container Dance takes place in road 14 lay-by area in Kolkonpää in Rantasalmi

Distances: Rantasalmi village centre 15 km, Juva 27 km, Savonlinna 35 km, Helsinki 300 km.



Ulkoasu © Ida Vänttinen